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Parque Amazonico, Tena - Birding Hotspot - Ecuador, EC.21 - Aviatlas


Parque Amazonico, Tena

Ecuador, EC.21

Lon. -77.81530, Lat. -0.99404, Alt. 1,654 ft


Parque Amazonico is a botanical garden and zoo located on a small peninsula between the rivers Tena and Pano and visible from the pedestrian bridge. Birding is good within the forested confines of the zoo, but is perhaps even better when sitting at a balcony at one of the hotels or restaurants overlooking the park from the other side of the river. This small zoo may be your only chance to see Nocturnal Currasow, but they aren't countable because they are in a pen.... This hotspot includes the thick riverine thickets and sandbars upstream from the zoo.


riverside forest, urban, botanical garden, forested park

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(from www.ecuadors.org) Situated at the junction of the lovely Rio Tena and Rio PaƱo, Tena has a comfortable climate, it's cooler, due to its elevation, and drier than most people expect. There's rainfall year-round and the heaviest rains come in June, July, and August, but even in this very wet time it doesn't necessarily rain every day or all day when it does rain.


Many hotels and restaurants can be found in Tena.

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